We support your business

We work closely with our customers to understand their business challenges and anticipate their business needs. We believe your customer service team should be an extension of your business, not a cost item.

Additionally, your EDC-MoveStar includes the following with no extra charges or costs:
System implementation
Your EDC-MoveStar implementation costs are included in your yearly license.
Unlimited online training
We actively encourage our customers to schedule training with our customer service team any time they have a question about a new or existing functionality, or if they have new staff members that need to be trained on how to use EDC-MoveStar.
Unlimited telephone and online support
We want to hear from you. We do not see customer service as a cost. That’s why you do not get charged regardless of how many times you contact us.
Can be deployed to all our users as part of the
EDC-MoveStar baseline.
All new software updates
Our software development is inspired by our user community, and we make frequent releases
throughout the year to improve your system. It is important to know that we do software releases, your EDC-MoveStar customizations do not get overwritten. This customer-driven approach ensures you’ll benefit from the great ideas of your industry peers, and always have the most up-to-date version of software.
System monitoring
We keep a close eye on the system performance to ensure we can intervene immediately.
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